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Bitlife Mod Menu

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30+ Features

  • Unlimited money and resources
  • Instantly become any profession
  • Immortality and invincibility
  • Customizable stats and traits
  • Access to premium content and events

And much more.


  1. Download the APK mod file.
  2. Start the Mod Menu app.
  3. Enable/disable the features you want.
  4. Enjoy the cheats!
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  1. Download the zip file with the button below.
  2. Start the “Mod Menu.exe” application file in the folder.
  3. Enable/disable the features you want.
  4. Start the game and enjoy!
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What is Bitlife?

Bitlife is a fictional life simulator game where players get to create their character and live through their life choices. It is a game that offers the freedom to make one’s own decisions and witness the consequences of the same. Bitlife offers a variety of options for the players to choose from- right from picking their character’s name to their education, career, and personal life choices.

What is the mod menu in Bitlife?

The mod menu in Bitlife is a platform that offers players with additional features and options that are not accessible in the original game. It offers players the ability to explore the game beyond the limits and enjoy a broader gameplay experience. The mod menu can be accessed by downloading third-party software, which alters the game code to add new features.

How does the Bitlife mod menu change the gameplay?

One of the most significant changes that players can expect while using the Bitlife mod menu is the ability to access new scenarios and outcomes that would not be otherwise possible. The mod menu introduces new features such as money hacks, unlimited health and energy, and new career paths that open up new avenues for players. The Bitlife mod menu also allows players to enjoy the game with a higher level of customization, making it a unique and personalized experience.

What are the benefits of using the Bitlife mod menu?

Using the Bitlife mod menu offers a range of benefits to players. It allows for the customization of the game according to individual choices, offering a unique and personalized experience. The Bitlife mod menu also offers access to new scenarios and outcomes in the game, which ensures that players never run out of new things to do. Additionally, players can explore various career paths that would not be accessible in the original game, adding to the overall gameplay experience.

How to Download and Install the Bitlife Mod menu?

The process for downloading and installing the Bitlife mod menu can vary depending on the platform you are using. However, the basic steps involve downloading and installing a mod menu application, adding the file to your device’s internal storage, and installing the same. It is important to ensure that you download a reliable mod menu application and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any issues.

  • Step 1: Find a reliable Bitlife mod menu application.
  • Step 2: Download the Modded APK to your device.
  • Step 3: Install the Modded APK.
  • Step 4: Launch the Bitlife game, and enjoy the new features.

The Final Word

The Bitlife mod menu offers players an opportunity to experience the game in a new and exciting way, providing access to new features and scenarios that are not available in the original game. With the ability to customize the game according to personal preferences, players can enjoy a unique and personalized gameplay experience. However, it is essential to download reliable mod menu applications to avoid any negative consequences. In short, the Bitlife mod menu is an excellent way for players to enhance their gameplay experience and take it to the next level.