Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get banned for using a mod menu?

Using mods CORRECTLY does not get you banned normally. Some games will consider gameplay mods as hacks or cheats, which may result in banning. Games like GTA V allow mods on single-player mode, but may ban you in online sessions.

What games do you have mods/trainers for?

We have mods and trainers for a whole range of games and genres, which cannot all be listed here for obvious reasons. Some of the most downloaded contents are for games like GTA 5, FiveM, Roblox, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Among Us, Clash of Clans, Red Dead Redemption 2, Minecraft, Terraria, etc. Check out our full Games list to see all the other mod titles you get for free.

My Trainer/Mod does not work. How can I fix this?

This problem may occur if you have an Antivirus running or Windows Defender Activated. You can perform two possible actions here.

First, you can disable the program (Antivirus or Defender) from the system while you’re playing with the Mod/Trainer. Second, you can move the trainer or mod into a folder. And check that folder on the ‘Exceptions’ list of the Antivirus.

I can’t install the mod/trainer on my Android device. What do I do?

The system can stop installations of mod APKs on Android devices. This happens because your device does not recognize the file’s source, which is not a huge problem.

Go to your phone/tab’s settings and choose the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option (Or the section where you access this feature). Then, check the ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.’ Go back and run the APK. The installation should work smoothly.

How do I activate the trainer/mod?

Most of the time, this problem/issue happens because of the wrong sequence of opening the files/programs. You may have to open the game only after opening the trainer in many cases. But to be safe, go to the file’s instructions to find the correct order in which you have to open the game.

Can I Use the trainers/Mod for Online or Multiplayer games?

These free mods and trainers bring enhancements to the games, which give you additional capabilities. We recommend not to use them during online games and multiplayer platforms.

If the mod or trainer is safe to use online, it should be specifically and clearly mentioned in the description. Unless you find a clear message, do not use them online.

How much do I have to Pay for the trainers/mods?

Absolutely nothing! All the mods and trainers here at Mod Menuz, are given to you completely free. All you have to process is go download and/or install your mods, follow the instructions, and start gaming!

Is my mod outdated? How do I get the latest version?

Your mod/trainer should work as long as it’s the same game you’re playing. But sometimes newer versions can be available. These updated mods can come with bug fixes or exciting new enhancements.

To make sure you get these mod updates, check out our home page every once in a while. Anything the developers make, you’ll see it on Mod Menuz first!