Game hacks are popular in the multiplayer game world. They add another dimension to the gaming realm. Hacks or cheats give you leverage over other players.

Cheats and modifications also ensure that the game does not lose its player base. Games can quickly fade away. Improvements to game features keep a game interesting for the players. That is, as long as the players do not abuse the use of cheats for unethical practices.

There are a lot of free injectors and cheat DLLs on our website. Choose cheats from a website or author that you trust, or that appears the safest.

Why use cheats & hacks?

  • Explore and play around with hacks (within your private friends’ circle).
  • Rank up, dominate, and rise to the top.
  • You can use this advantage to keep up with other players in case you tend to fall behind. Hacks can help players be more confident when put up against more skilled opponents in games like CS:GO.
  • Hacks can give a boost to people with disabilities. It can help the player to keep up with normal players and allow for enjoying the game.
  • Use mod menus to make a game more fun and to keep the interest rising with modified features.

What’s an injector?

An injector is an .exe file you use to inject a game hack or menu into your game. Some hacks include an injector, and some don’t. Try out one of our free and undetected game hack injectors above and avoid bans.

Injectors are programs that inject DLL files into games. It can be cheats, mod menus, or trainers. The game hacks are available for free, or you can purchase them.

A tip before using cheats: use an alternate/smurf account.

Here are some free hack injectors that you can download:

Extreme injector

Extreme injector was made especially for CS:GO, also applicable for GTA V, Fall Guys, or any other game, favored for its stable and straightforward graphic user interface, GUI.

A robust scrambler is added in the injector to make the hacks undetectable when run in games.

On the extreme injector, inject the cheat directly into the running process, i.e., run the game and open the injector file in the game at the same time. Enter the .dll file as an administrator.

The injector is a useful program for injecting several libraries in one process. It is wiser, though, to test every single mod first instead of going all out in one go with the bag load of exciting hacks.


CSGhost an injector explicitly created for CS:GO cheat files to work undetected on the latest version of the game. Use the game to inject hacks that will increase your ESP, ammo, health, help you scale walls, jump incredibly high, fly, track down opponents, etc.

Xenos Injector X86 and X64

Xenos Injector is also made for GTA V, Fall guys, and Fortnite. With two versions available, x86 and x64, you can choose any as per your preference. Download the free injector to enjoy the cheats. You can inject the selected .dll files by running the injector program as an administrator.


SazInjector works for all games; find the cheat files you want from trusted authors and introduce them to your gameplay using the SazInjector.


AUInjector an injector created for Among Us fans to create a common program for injecting all Among Us apps.

How to use injectors: the basic steps

  1. Turn off the default anti-virus
  2. Download the most recent update of the injector
  3. Launch the game
  4. Run the injector as an admin
  5. Open the injector as a pop-up
  6. Select the DLL file or cheat you want to use, select one or multiple DLLs
  7. It is wiser to test cheats one by one if you are running it for the first time. Get the hang of one hack, disable it, inject another one and then test it. Get some hold on your hacks before diving all the way with all the hacks
  8. Inject the cheat
  9. Enjoy gaming

The negative facet of hacks:

Some gamers abuse hacks for malicious purposes. Players resort to using hacks just to troll other players and spoil the fun of regular gamers. Some gamers use cheats solely to crush the gaming experience of other players and to make other teams suffer.

Some gamers do not want to be defeated. It can become an unhealthy addiction and can also ruin the game of better players.

How to stay undetected while using injectors

Most games come with anti-cheats to prevent the abuse of unfair advantages. Some hackers and script kiddies are known to practice unethical behaviors in the virtual world. These practices harm the gaming atmosphere and are a cause of concern to parents who fear the exposure of their children to unhealthy content.

When you download a free cheat, you accept the odds of being detected. Once you are detected, you run the risk of getting your account banned permanently.

This means that you will have to start over, set up a new account, repurchase the game, and if you are still into cheats, download the cheat files again to use them.

To prevent or lessen the probabilities of detection, hack writers tend to do frequent updates, rewriting or patching, updating within hours or every day. This helps hackers to stay ahead and undetected for longer.

Here are a few tips for using cheats smartly:

  • Start the game; let your game be idle for some time. Do not go immediately into using your cheats when the game starts. Your actions can become too obvious.
  • Play the way you usually would. Do not be too obvious with your heightened advantage. Use your skills to survive the game.
  • Buy some items in the game.
  • Do not go all out, making easy kills and ravaging other players. You may feel like some god, but the feeling will not last. If your activities are too obvious, you will get noticed easily and get banned even within hours into the game, or you can get reported.
  • Do not ruin the game experience for other players. It is no fun going up against an apparently undefeatable opponent. You can mess around sometimes and carry out exploits; it’s fun while it lasts. Remember, though, not to go overboard.
  • Get killed sometimes. You have the game control in your hands; roll with it.