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Use Injectors to Hack Fall Guys

A game that is labeled as a ‘massive online pandemonium,’ this is a hilarious game where hordes of jelly bean-like players, up to 60 participants, battle through obstacles, shove their way past tough competitors, and struggle on (or fail comically) until only one victor remains. It is a battle for the undignified struggler or victor.

Here are some hacks for the bad beans:

Move at ludicrous speed

The hyper-speed hack will allow you to reach the finish line faster and escape from tough competitors. After all, speed is the most important asset in this game, where there is enough room for only one victor.

Teleport across the map

move across obstacles and opponents in front of you. It would be no fun to teleport directly to the finish line. Hence, the hack allows you to move past current obstacles as you face them.


Fly around huge obstacles while fellow jelly beans are left to work on the obstruction below. Illicit players can also bypass the start countdown to get ahead before the horde. As long as you are undetected, feel free to enjoy the main game!

Once you get detected and probably banned, you can always start over. It can sound overwhelming to start over from the bottom after all the battles you won. But, as long as your love for the game is more than the challenge of starting again, why not!

Besides, with the extra arsenal and the game under your control, it will take no time to surpass your past glories!

Register on the game with a new email address and there, brace yourself for a new start! That is, as long as you enjoy the game.

Stay Undetected & Avoid Bans

Injectors have anti-cheat bypass built into the program. You can inject a downloaded hack directly using an injector. The injector will modify the hack file so that the cheat can get past the anti-cheat programs safely. You can also opt for a DLL scrambler. That is a program that modifies the .dll files so that they become undetected.

Select your favorite hack files and inject them into the game.
Use the hacks you’ve injected stealthily to avoid being labeled as a bad bean. Go gliding through this messy horde battle. Spice up your game and win over other jelly beans.

The Fall Guys cheat guidelines

The game comes with anti-cheats that is updated frequently.Yes, the developers are on their toes to get at the cheaters.

But, not to worry, the hackers are always ready, even steps ahead. Cheat files get updated continually. Always look out for the latest update dates for the cheats you want to download. Also, check the latest patch date.

Even if your favorite cheat gets banned, you do not need to panic or worry your head over it. Banned cheats are usually worked on again and reintroduced to the gamers.

Now, for the gaming ethics, the rule is – play smart!

  • As a gaming enthusiast (you probably wouldn’t think of hacks if you weren’t one), there is no way you would want to get busted.
  • Do not go all out the maniac way, shooting past other competitors, exploiting the hacks, and spoiling the fun of other gamers. That is a foolproof way to get noticed.
  • Try to stay low key, use the hacks to help you move past some challenging parts of the battlefield. If you do want to go all out, it’s best to ace the hacks and then exploit it to have fun.
  • Never ruin the gaming experience of other players by trolling them or becoming an obstacle to their game. Always respect other normal players in your gameplay.
    Cheat smart, keep the game rolling like the good jelly beans.

How do you inject a DLL file?

  • Download the injector from the link that an injector website provides.
  • Save the file in a separate folder from the game file.
  • Turn off your antivirus for the process.
  • Run the injector as an administrator.
  • Load Fall Guys in the system.
  • Open the launcher in the injector and enter the process (FallGuys.exe)
    You can also choose to have the hack file inject manually when the injector detects that the game is running. When you select manual launch, add a time delay in the settings.
  • Once you inject the hack, you can start gaming. Have fun exploiting the cheats with our Fall Guys injectors!