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25+ Features

  • God Mode
  • Fly Hack
  • Unlimited Blocks
  • Unlimited Items
  • Speed Hack

And much more.


  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the APK (you might need to give your phone permission to install the app).
  3. Start the “Minecraft Mod” app.
  4. Enable/disable the features you want.
  5. Enjoy the cheats!
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App Information

  • Rating: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
  • Platforms: Android (APK)
  • App Name: Minecraft PE
  • Publisher: Mojang
  • Features: Aimbot, Speedhack & more
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In simple and straightforward terms, Minecraft is an open-world LEGO-like building game. First, you need to mine for resources, and after that, you can craft fantastic stuff!

The simplistic and creative approach of the game has made it a worldwide phenomenon. It has been crowned the best game of all time. With over 120 million monthly active users for the year 2020, the game has taken over like wildfire.

This has also allowed hackers to work on the game and amazing hacks and cheats for it. Using those cheats, you can unlock a whole new potential of the game and play the game peacefully without any headaches.

Minecraft Trainer by Mod Menuz

Mod menus have become one of the most popular methods of using hacks. Usually, there are different programs for a particular game that individually provide unique cheats and hacks.

With Minecraft mod menus, you can get the most popular and useful hacks for a game in a single place. We at Mod Menuz provide you with best in class mods, hacks, and cheats for your PC, PS4, XBOX, and more! The best part is that you can download them for free!

We provide mod menus for Minecraft, Warzone, Fortnite, COC, Fall Guys, and many other popular and exciting games.

How It Works

Mod Menus are epic hacks that make using cheats easy and entirely hassle-free. Furthermore, it is one of the safest hacks to use because it is tough to detect. 

Minecraft provides a cheat-friendly platform, and there are many cheats that you can use for a different purpose in the game. It can either make you invincible or let you create amazing pieces of art without the usual hassle of gathering the needed supplies first.

Usually, activating the cheats is a tedious task; you need to remember the cheats and input them manually. Mod menu helps you out by making a menu full of cheats, which you can access at any point in time! This greatly reduces the time required for you to set up before you start to play the game.



This helps you to teleport your character to any place within the map. Minecraft being an endless map, provides a vast area for each player to create their masterpieces and find resources.

Using this hack, you can teleport to someone’s creation and destroy them, steal stuff or even team up quickly, whatever you can’t!

Block generation

This cheat lets you create blocks whenever and wherever you want. Using this cheat, you can say goodbye to all the hassle of digging and mining for resources.
Furthermore, you will never run out of blocks while creating your masterpiece. Just sit and make in one go!

Peaceful play

This cheat prevents the enemies from attacking you and your creation, letting you play ‘peacefully.’ Now, you never need to worry about your design being destroyed and create the imaginations in your head without any distraction.


This is a powerful hack that lets you enchant your use and extend its ability by a lot. This can help you make some of the game actions fast-paced, like mining, digging, and chopping.

Cut down the time required to create masterpieces drastically. Create masterpieces overnight!

Exp hacks

These experience hacks let you earn free experience points whenever you want it. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of experience you can gain using this hack.

Fly hack

Well, this one is pretty straightforward! This hack lets you fly all over the map; using this hack, you can easily have an overhead look of your creation to plan and execute the build properly and precisely as you planned.

The cheat list does not end here; many other small, useful cheats can extend your gameplay’s level and intricacy by a mile! Minecraft is easily one of the most cheat friendly games out there.

Moreover, with the hacks, you get a positive vibe by increasing the chance of making unique pieces of art that others can enjoy. Mod menus for Minecraft are more like tools of creation rather than tools of destruction.

How to Install Download & Install

Installing the mod menu is no nuclear science. Anyone can do it. You do not need an extensive understanding of operating system knowledge or coding knowledge to make it work.

Mod menus work by injecting the hack into the game while it is running. When you download the hack, you will get a .dill file and a trainer injector tool.

Below the steps are given using which you can install the cheat:

  • Disable any antivirus that you might have installed on your PC. The antivirus mistakenly detects the injector tool as viruses while it’s not so.
  • After that, copy the .dill file and launch the game.
  • Now launch the injector tool, paste the .dill file and inject it into the game.exe

That’s all you need to do. Your Minecraft mod menu will be up and running in no time at all. Whenever you want to bring up the mod menu, all you need to do is press a unique key combination, and all of the cheats will come up in a list at your convenience.

Why use our Mod Menu?


Our website provides frequent updates to all of the hacks hosted. There is a compulsion to keep the hacks updated because they frequently update their security systems to keep hacks away.

If the hacks are not updated, they might not work, and there will be high chances of your account being banned.

Multi-Platform hacks

We understand the fact that you might not be gaming on a PC. Therefore we provide hacks for all sorts of operating systems and cover PC, PS4, XBOX, and more.

We provide different versions of the same hack that is installable on other systems. This reduces the hassle and makes the process of installing the hack streamlined.

Easy to use

Our hacks do not require an extensive set of steps for proper usage. Most of them follow the install and forget principle. This makes them unique and makes them easy to use.

All you need to do is download the mod menu hack for free and inject it into your game. After that, with the key combination, bring it up whenever you need it.

Flexible usage

Our mod menu hacks are easily one of the most flexible hacks out there. While using mod menu hacks, it does not need to be running throughout your whole gaming session.

You can bring up the mod menu whenever required and use the hacks exactly when you need them. This reduces the load on your system and also promotes a degree of fair play.

For a game like Minecraft, you need to have all of the cheats and hacks at your disposal; mod menu cheat provides that exact solution and helps you create masterpieces.

Security comes first

While providing Minecraft hacks, it is our responsibility to level up the security so that your account stays safe. Hack developers are at a constant race with the game developers so that the hacks can survive their security system.

Hacks essentially use loopholes within the game to exploit extra functionality. Game developers continuously work to fix these loopholes and monitor people who use hacks.

Our hacks are some of the best because they are virtually undetectable and are frequently updated. This ensures that the hacks do not get highlighted in the game’s security system as cheats easily.

Furthermore, unlike other hack instructions, we do not advise you to go all you with your hacks. We can stop the game’s systems from detecting the mod menu, but we cannot prevent other players from reporting you if they find something fishy.

Therefore always choose the moments of using the hack carefully and play smartly. Your smart-play, coupled with our engineers’ efforts, will ensure that your account stays safe no matter what.

Additional Information

Downloading the Minecraft mod menu from our website is a straightforward, fast, and safe process. All of the hacks are free to download; therefore, you do not need to hesitate.

Just visit our website modmenuz.com and look for the hack that you require. After finding the hack for the correct game and operating system, click on the download button to download it.

All of the hacks on our website have their pages. This ensures that you can download the correct hack, irrespective of whether you’re installing it on a PC or making a USB mod menu.

Using mod menu hacks from our website ensures that you will never require a trainer for the game again. We provide the safest and most efficient hacks tested and assured to be of the highest quality.

Therefore don’t wait anymore. Download the Minecraft mod menu trainers for free and be the best at the game you play!