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55+ Features

  • God Mode
  • Fly Hack
  • Generate Money
  • Character Customization
  • Unlock All
  • Spawn Vehicles/Peds/Weapons

And much more.

Don’t miss out on the GTA 5 Online mod menus available for free.


  1. Unpack (drag and drop) the folder from the zip file to your desktop or other location on your PC.
  2. Start “FiveM Mod Menu.exe” application file in the folder.
  3. Enable/disable the features you want.
  4. Start FiveM and enjoy!
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App Information

  • Downloads: 16,039
  • Rating: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
  • Platforms: PC (Windows)
  • App Name: FiveM Mod Menu v6.89.1
  • Features: Aimbot, Wallhack & more
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Get Access To Tons of Mods

The FiveM mods give you a full modding capability. It offers you the freedom to make any changes, including quickly editing your server, option for weapons and vehicles.

It’s your world; you can transform your game into anything you want.

This platform does more than providing you with a complete experience of GTA 5. It also allows you to create your virtual world by using additional plug-ins, scripts, maps, and more.

With FiveM, you can keep a game’s original AI and switch back and forth with the FiveM GTA online vanilla version. Being able to switch smoothly alleviates all risks and possibilities of getting banned.

A mod menu is a computer program that intensifies the GTA 5 role-playing experience. It helps you obtain access to super cool powers and various other special abilities. Or you can also consider a menu as an extra add-on to a feature not available in the default game.

How It Works

Understanding how a mod menu works requires no experienced coder or a qualified programmer. An online game is usually built with numerous functions, which is in the data structures. And when you install a mod menu, it alters the essential functions while maintaining its core structure.

As you have replaced the values of its primary function now, it lets you customize your game anyhow you desire.

What’s FiveM RP?

FiveM is a modification for GTA 5 created by citizen FX. This tool enables you to play GTA 5 in a multiplayer mode on a modified dedicated server. This mode is not created by rockstar games, who are the developers of Grand Theft Auto, but by a community of coders.

Included Mods

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features a mod menu trainer offers typically.

All unlocks

Whether you want more weapons, vehicles, clothes, etc., the mod menu usually provides a variety of unlocks which are, by default, not available in a game.

Spawn vehicles

Spawning bikes, cars, helicopters, or even vehicle upgrades are another feature mods cover.

RP rank boost

Mod menus can boost your RP rank within seconds. With this trainer now, you will no longer have to feel stuck at a low level.


Now, this is a super useful feature a mod menu can offer, especially in GTA online. Because this feature automatically sets the aim at your opponent, it can either shoot automatically or lets you shoot manually. With this feature, there is no way you’re missing your shot at your enemies from now on. It can be a highly helpful feature for you.

God Mode

Well, this mode makes you untouchable. The God mode feature will prevent you from taking any bullet, fall, hurt in any way. You will be unbeatable.

ESP wallhack

This feature lets you see through walls or other objects. It is helpful if you want to check on your enemy swear about at all times. Using it will help keep you ahead of the game.


You can teleport to any location, driving any car with this feature. It saves a lot of time not having to travel across the city in a vehicle. Also, it adds a fun element to your game.

Best GTA 5 Servers with FiveM Mods

FiveM helps the server access customers and modded game modes eliminating all sorts of restrictions and paywalls. And among the pool of mods, you can find, the most popular one amongst the players is FiveM.

Its popularity being the reason, FiveM has numerous servers extending from minigames to simulation, or roleplay to racing, and so on.

Therefore we have made a list of some of the best servers for FiveM.

Transport Tycoon

The transport tycoon is designed mainly to expand the player’s fortune through piloting, train driving, trucking, and many more. You can do fun things and also interact with new people. Also, it has slots for about 32 to 128 players, which is pretty awesome.

Asia drift server

Asia drift server is an enjoyable and yet simple server. Here, every car includes tuning, enabling them to drift, making journeys across the map so much more entertaining. It has slots for about 32 players.

Thelvaneh Community Server

This server is exceptional because it hosts updates now and then. This update presents vehicles, minigames, and many other exclusive mods that are all freshly custom. One of its latest additions is the coil Savanna for the Tesla cyber truck, ready to be used right now. Also, it supports up to 32 players at a time.

RSM Freeroam

RSM Freeroam is one of the best servers for FiveM. It comes with abundant player models with about 250 and above custom vehicles. This server even has maps that offer custom locations. It has slots for 64 players.

Emergency life V

This server is a unique one for those who don’t wish to do roleplay. Here you can take the role of emergency services like paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement. This server will let you upgrade your skills and vehicles as you gain more money and experience. It supports up to 32 players.

Best GTA RolePlay Servers

What a GTA RP server does is that it turns a regular personality from a GTA game to a fresh start, basically a clean slate. And only by installing a mod can you create and design your gameplay, taking whichever role you want; a cop, a criminal or sales assistant, etc.

While there are tons of mods you can install, FiveM, for most players, is one of the most popular mods.
It usually offers a vast option of mods to download, but not every RP server supports FiveM mods.

Therefore, let’s look at some of the best GTA RP servers that are ideal for FiveM mods.

No pixel

The no pixel is one of the hardest and a heavily populated, popular server. At a time, it only supports about 32 players. It has considerable traffic of applications, with about 4000 people applying for it.
Moreover, this server will get you the opportunity to stream with some of the most significant GTA 5 players.

GTA world

This server is different from the rest because it is based on text, and also it currently supports about 500 players. Now, this is something fun and relaxed.

Eclipse RP

The eclipse RP server gives you numerous crime factions to join with broad community involvement. It can host about 200 players at a time, so you will want to be part of it. However, the server being among the GTA RP’s leading servers, getting into it, can require some waiting time.

Mafia city

The mafia city server is a perfect platform if you want a blurred line between illegal and legal systems while roleplaying. Here, you can either play a gangster or a police officer, or even a powerful CEO. You will find many properties for sales like apartments, condos, hotels, houses, or nearly anything you want within the Empire of GTA 5.

Add-On Mods for FiveM

FiveM has oodles of modes for you to try, in which some are great, and others are not so great. But to make it easier on you, I have some of the top must-try FiveM mods menus you should look into.

VSync server-side trainer

VSync server-side trainer has all the primary information you are required to know before you get rolling. It is quite user-friendly, which is a necessity for someone who is just starting.

Bahamas mamas

In a single-player mode, the game map usually has sealed locations that you can’t gain access to. So this is when Bahamas mamas mods come in handy. It lets you enter any restricted or closed areas in your game.

JS Four Pack

This mod is mostly for the serious crime role players. This trainer will equip you with your ID, mobile dispatch computer, and firearm license.

ESX essentials pack

If you want to upgrade your GTA 5 experience, this mod is enough. It lets you play all kinds of roles you want, from a banker, mechanics to a miner, and so many more.

How To Download & Install The Mod

Downloading and installing FiveM requires an undemanding process.

  • Before you start your download process, the first thing you need to do is to disable any antivirus you have activated on your PC. Doing this is necessary because antivirus such as AVG, Avast, tends to block the procedure of FiveM. So be sure that all your antivirus is off.
  • Now, download the files of the FiveM mods menu from our website. In most cases, the downloaded file comes in zip files.
  • Once the download is complete, open the directory of FiveM and the resources folder.
  • On a side note, to help arrange things in an organized manner, it is always better to create a new folder. This step enables you to put the mod files in a folder, allowing you to delete the file in a flash if you wish to.
  • Now run the downloaded file for installation. Once complete, restart your server. The mods should already be ready to use.

The FiveM mods are an absolute necessity for you to take part in GTA RP. It is also the most sought-after option for GTA. What’s even better is that they are not complicated to use and are free of cost to download.

So what are you waiting for? Get your FiveM trainer from our website and unlock the best GTA adventures.