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  • Status: Undetected
  • Platforms: PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • Downloads: 26,831
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Awesome trainer by Mod Menuz! It works for most games I have in my possession. Recommended for anyone who wants to cheat without getting banned.

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I've used this trainer for over 6 months now with no issues. The best part is, the trainer is completely free to download and works for consoles too.

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You can't go wrong with this trainer. Use one mod menu for every game you own, without needing to download trainers for each game. 10/10.


Mod Menu Features

There are seventeen cheats available in this trainer, which are divided into five categories.

Unlimited health

Your character’s health bar will remain at optimal levels regardless of how much damage you take.

Unlimited mana

Mana is used to performing specific skills. As it is a limited resource, you must keep an eye on it all the time. This trainer grants you an unlimited supply of mana to avoid any problem.

Unlimited focus

Focus grants you access to special abilities. Having unlimited access to it will make it possible to use them as many times as you want, primarily if you use them simultaneously with the no-skill cooldown cheat.

Unlimited barrier

The same as previous cheats, but applies to the barrier for you to protect yourself at all times.

No skill cooldown

This cheat will remove all the cooldowns for all skills.

Unlimited Potion

This cheat will grant you access to unlimited potions and crafting materials.

Unlimited Weight

You will be able to carry as many items as you want.

Unlimited Gold

With infinite gold, you will be able to purchase anything!

Save Location

If you want to visit this zone later, you can save it with this cheat.


Teleport to any zone on the map instantaneously.

Undo Teleport

If you’ve saved a location, you will be able to undo the teleport and be back to where you were.

Unlimited Cheats

  • Power points
  • Inquisition perks
  • Influence
  • Skill points
  • Experience

Why You Should Use A Dragon Age: Inquisition Trainer

  • You will have access to all the items available in-game.
  • You won’t have to struggle to build up your character’s abilities.
  • You will make the game more dynamic as your combat abilities will be enhanced.
  • You will be able to move between locations in the blink of an eye.

How the mod menu trainer works

Trainers are third-party programs that modify game data to make it favorable to the player. Once installed, you must execute the trainer to see the complete list of hotkeys. You’ll need to press them to activate the cheats as long as the game is active.

You may have to whitelist the trainer if your antivirus detects it as malware. Don’t worry; this program is safe.

Additional Information

Dragon Age: Inquisition is an ARPG published by electronic arts in 2014. It was developed by BioWare and worked as a direct sequel to the 2011 game Dragon Age II. This game is available for most major platforms, including Microsoft Windows.

The developers intended to combine the most prominent elements from the first two installments, so you can expect more areas to explore and numerous races to be playable. The game’s most remarkable feature is that your decisions will affect the overall outcome of the story, and you’ll also be able to get involved romantically with other characters.

The game has innovated in many aspects, and that includes its difficulty. You’ll have to collect crafting materials and many other items from succeeding in your quest. Therefore, using a trainer is not a bad idea.