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Awesome trainer by Mod Menuz! It works for most games I have in my possession. Recommended for anyone who wants to cheat without getting banned.

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I've used this trainer for over 6 months now with no issues. The best part is, the trainer is completely free to download and works for consoles too.

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You can't go wrong with this trainer. Use one mod menu for every game you own, without needing to download trainers for each game. 10/10.


About our Free Fire Mod Menu

Are you in search of the best mod menus for the popular game Garena Free Fire? We present to you a Free Fire mod menu download. The mod menu contains all that you need to enhance the level of your gameplay of Garena Free Fire. It’s got everything from easy auto crosshair placements all the way to the spectacular Ghost Mode. Your opponents will never be able to figure what hit them or from where.

What’s even better is that users do not have to spend a penny in order to avail themselves of the Free Fire mod menu download. They can simply download the Free Fire mod menu apk, install it, begin using the hacks and completely dominate the game. 

Thus, keeping that in mind, let’s begin our article on the Garena Free Fire mod menu download.


The store within the game contains tons of frills for users. That includes skins, heroes, weapons, and settings, among others.

Getting addicted to the Garena Free Fire is as easy as breathing. The game offers excitement and satisfaction to players as they get through each level and rank up.

At the same time, since tons of players are already pros at the same, it’s become quite difficult to win the game. Forget about winning; it’s hard to even survive till the late-game stages.

Thus, you must have skills that are more than average and well above other players. Also, in order to get there, you’re required to spend money.

In contrast to the paid in-store features of Garena Free Fire, the mod menu offers an efficient alternative.

Unlike other mod menus out there, given you download it from reputed sites and sources, these do not pose any danger to your systems. Besides that, the mod menus function very efficiently.

You can use the mod menu to make the state of FF diamonds disappear. The third-party mod menu offers tons of features that are safe, efficient, and preinstalled.

In order to use them, you only need to activate the mod menu. Once you’ve activated the mod menu, it’ll grant you the skills that can rival pro players of Garena Free Fire.

Features of Free Fire Mod Menu

  • Teleport Lite.
  • Climb Wall.
  • Underground.
  • Wallhack Stone.
  • Ghost Mode.
  • No recoil when firing guns.
  • Sensitivity Pro.
  • Crosshair Pro.
  • Aimbot.
  • Fire Rate.
  • Auto Headshot (Flat).
  • Auto Headshot (Effect).

Other features include:

  • No trees.
  • No grass.
  • Super Vision.
  • Fast MedKit.
  • Night Mode.
  • White Body Enemy.
  • White Body HD.
  • Type of Antenna: Hand Pro, Hand, Head.

Download and Installation Process

  1. Use the services of a reliable source to get the APK for the Free Fire mod menu download.
  2. You’re also required to make use of an OBB file to run the mod. So download that too.
  3. On your phone, begin installing the mod menu APK.
  4. When prompted, allow access.
  5. The extraction of the OBB file comes next.
  6. Once the extraction finishes, that’s it.