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Are you simply obsessed with Friday Night Funkin but tired of playing the same content over and over again? We offer you new and amazing content through the Friday Night Funkin mod menu.

Rhythm games are versatile and offer efficient options when it comes to playing. You can play with your family or friends. If not, you can also wing it solo and keep yourselves entertained for hours on end. Such games function on simplistic mechanics. So as long as you’ve got your visual cues and rhythm correct, you’re sure to be a pro at playing Friday Night Funkin.

Thus, without further ado, we present to you an article on Friday Night Funkin mod menu download.

About Friday Night Funkin

The game, even without the mod menu, offers extensive features through its unique characters and unique career mode. One can also say that Friday Night Funkin is comparable to Dance Dance Revolution.

It has a story/freestyle mode, a wide variety of original music, and even B-Boy visuals from the 90s.

If you’ve never played the game, let’s fill you in first before diving into the Friday Night Funkin mod menu download.


Simply put, there are three characters: you, your girlfriend, and her father.
The aim is for you to receive a kiss from your girlfriend. In order to achieve that, you need to beat the father and impress him in battles of rap.

The battles themselves have the possibility of turning intense and very competitive, depending on who you’re playing with. It is addictive and based on skills.

Get Access To Tons of Mods

Since the game is globally popular and famed, it boasts millions of users. Over the years, it’s amassed a community of its own, much like Minecraft.

So it’s not surprising to note that Friday Night Funkin also has a community focused on developing new content through essential mods and mod menus.
For players who use PC, there are tons of mod menus to choose from. That includes mods such as Parappa and Shaggy.

PC players can simply replace the original files of Friday Night Funkin. They can do so by copy-pasting the mod menu files into the game folder.

In contrast, it’s a little more tricky for players who make use of android phones in order to play Friday Night Funkin. At the same time, android players can avail themselves of tons of premade apks related to Friday Night Funkin mod menus.

Whatever the case may be, we advise that you do careful research before download the apk files from unknown websites. Make sure that you only make use of reliable and trusted sites for Friday Night Funkin mod menu download.

Included Mods:

  • Galaxy Mod
  • Pico’s School Mod
  • Big Brother
  • BlueBalls Incident Mod
  • Garnie Mod
  • Carol x BF Mod
  • Miku Mod
  • Kapi Mod
  • Monika Mod
  • Tabi
  • Garcello Mod
  • TrickyPhase 0
  • CJ Mod
  • Pig Mod
  • Imposter Mod
  • Bob and Bossip
  • Tord
  • Mid-Fight Masses
  • TankMan Mod
  • Shaggy Mod
  • Tricky Mod