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  • Platforms: PC & Android
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For those who wish to keep themselves entertained by constantly challenging themselves, we present to you the Granny mod menu. Players control a character of their own. They stay within the confines of a room. To make matters worse, the players aren’t alone. An old woman who is apparently mentally sick gives them company.

In the Granny mod, players need to figure out a way to get out of the house. In order to do that, they need to act quickly and smartly. That’s because they have, in total, five days. Once the time is up, they will have to face inevitable death. 
To know more, read through the detailed guide on the Granny mod menu download.

About The Game Granny

The Granny mod menu offers tons of challenges and fun for those who seek thrills in their lives. Needless to say, you might’ve figured by now that it’s a horror game.

If you’re unfamiliar with such types of games, you may find them difficult to play. At the same time, we will assure you that the game overall is interesting and worth it for sure.

As stated earlier, you lose if you aren’t able to escape the house in five days. In case you make any type of noise, you’ll surely die at the hands of Granny.

Mod Menu for Granny

Since, the majority of players, find it difficult, we offer them an easy solution. We present to you the Granny mod menu download.

It’s a mod menu for those users who have android phones specifically. Till now, there’s no news as to when or whether it’ll be available on iOS platforms.

Once you install the mod, if you visit the left section, you’ll be able to access a menu. Let us warn you; it’s extremely useful and efficient.

The mod allows users to switch off the features of the Granny mod menu too. That way, they can continue to play the game as it is. The Granny will not be able to harm you if you make use of the mod menu. That’s because the mod menu boasts a feature called the God Mode. The mode simply makes you invincible, and none of Granny’s attacks will work on you.

You can even get rid of the Granny for a total of ninety seconds.

How To Download and Install

Download Process

There exist a wide variety of platforms for Granny mod menu download. But we advise you to do detailed research and download only from trusted and reliable websites, like ours.

Installation Process

  1. Go ahead and unlock your android phone. Once that’s done. Head to the icon of the game.
  2. Once you’ve found the game, long press (hold) the icon. You’ll be able to see the option to uninstall/delete it in the upper right section of the phone screen. Drag the icon over to the uninstall option and drop it there. Tap “ok.”
  3. Tap on the downloaded Granny mod menu APK to install it. That’s it!