Kiddions modest mod menu trainer

Download Kiddion's Modest Menu

Download Kiddion’s Modest menu trainer for free.

  • Game compatibility: GTA 5
  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 4.1MB
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Status: Undetected

About Modest Menu by Kiddion

Kiddion’s Mod Menu is an external trainer for GTA 5 Online that is completely undetected from anti-cheats, which means you can’t get banned by using it. The trainer is coded by Kiddion, and is constantly updated to stay ahead of ban waves. Download it now for free and start the real fun!

Instructions and installation information is included in the download file.

Why Use Modest Menu?

Mod menus are one of the ways you can improve your gaming experience significantly. Game mods are unofficial alterations to the game that give you additional abilities not included by the developer.

While playing GTA5, these mods will help you achieve your objectives faster and make you an overall better player in multiplayer mode. Kiddion’s modest menu is one of the best mod menus and will give you many abilities to enhance the game.

Many gamers prefer Kiddion’s modest menu as it also supports hotkeys as you play. This makes it easier to make mod activations as you navigate through the map. In addition, the mod menu has numerous features that will give you more control over the game and help you get better at the game.


Infinite money

In GTA5, you need money to buy property, vehicles, and weapons. You must complete missions and other quests to get the money you need in the game. This can be challenging as you won’t accumulate enough money in a short time.

Kiddion’s modest menu will give you an infinite supply of money, and it will add up as you keep playing the game. You can now get anything you need as you play the game.

Health and Recovery

You are likely to get injuries as you play GTA5, such as car crashes or when NPCs attack you in the game. When these injuries get too serious, your player will die, and you will have to restart missions. However, the modest menu will give you a full health bar to ensure this doesn’t happen. You can sustain injuries from gunshots and recover in no time.


It is now easier to move from one point in the map to another with the teleportation feature in Kiddion’s mod menu. This lets you move from one point on the map to another instantly, and you won’t have to drive or fly and risk crashing. It is convenient and will save you time as you undertake quests.

Control time and weather

This feature comes in handy when playing timed quests, as you can now stop the clock in the game. It will give you more time to play better, especially when the quests are hard. You can thus complete them easily and achieve better game points and higher rewards.

The feature also lets you play under your preferred weather conditions. You can choose to play in rain, snow or sunshine.

How to use Kiddion’s modest menu

The Kiddion’s modest menu is available on our website, and once you click on it, the download process will begin. Disable your antivirus temporarily to make the process smoother and faster. Once complete, launch GTA5 on your PC and start the mod menu. It will be reflected in the game once you activate it, and you can now make the modifications you want to.

Is modest menu a safe trainer?

Yes, Kiddion’s modest menu is safe for your PC, and its developers are always working on ways to make it better. However, it has the best security features that let you play the game without detection or interruptions. Get the modest menu and stand out from other GTA players and enjoy the game more.