Download Menyoo VIP Mod Menu

  • Game compatibility: GTA 5 (Online & Story Mode)
  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 5.8MB
  • Rating:
  • Status: Undetected

How to use Menyoo

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Unpack (drag and drop) the folder from the zip file to your desktop or other location on your PC.
  3. Start “Menyoo Mod Menu.exe” application file in the folder.
  4. Enable/disable the features you want.
  5. Start GTA V and enjoy!
Windows PC settings

When the Grand Theft Auto game Vice City hit the shelves, it swept the world across the floor. The game got thousands of gamers hooked right away. The same remains true for the fifth installation of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 5.

Besides that, there have been various advancements in technology since its first advent. Gamers can now avail themselves of tons of modifications within the game. One such spectacular GTA 5 modification is via the Menyoo Trainer.

Menyoo Features:

  • Unlock everything
  • Money drops
  • Teleportation
  • Spawn vehicles
  • All weapons
  • God mode
  • Aimbot
  • Wallhack ESP
  • And much more.

In layman terms, the Menyoo Trainer is simply a mod. It raises the GTA 5 gameplay experience and offers a more fun way to play the game.

With the Menyoo Trainer, you’ll be in control of the activities within the game. The mod offers much higher levels of satisfaction when it comes to the online platform of GTA V.

For those of you who wish to enjoy an immersive GTA 5 gameplay, be sure to check out all its features.

Detailed Features

Make use of the Menyoo Trainer mod within GTA’s fighting mode. Make items appear out of thin air or make them disappear at your will.

Use the mod to have the upper hand during a fight and leave your enemies tilted.
With the mod, you can be sure that nobody will be able to beat you. You’ll be able to shield your territories against your enemies at ease.

This feature alone has been able to garner the attention of millions of GTA 5 players all over the world.

Stay on top of what’s happening within the game with the help of Menyoo Trainer.

Be in control

It’s pretty fun and unique. Menyoo Trainer offers users the ability to change item styles and colours.

How to safely install Menyoo Trainer

Before we head into the section on how to safely install the mod, there are a few prerequisites. You’ll require files from three programs by downloading and installing them on your system.

These are crucial for the installation process and the eventual performance of Menyoo Trainer. Thus, go ahead and install:

  • Community Script Hook V. NET
  • Script Hook V
  • OpenIV

Why Use Menyoo Trainer?

Menyoo Trainer is fairly unique when it comes to game mods for GTA 5. Due to the realism and tech feature Menyoo Trainer offer, even GTA 5 critics love playing the game.

The mod allows gamers full control of whatever is happening within the game. Avoid shameful battles and secure your territories by availing yourself of Menyoo Trainer from our website today.

Trust us! It will take years before your enemies can realize how you’re winning.