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Phantom Forces Script GUI Menu

Get the latest Phantom Forces script menu.

  • Game compatibility: Roblox
  • Platforms: All
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Status: Undetected
  • Features: Aimbot, Auto Kill and much more
Phantom Forces script for Roblox

Phantom Forces Features


Phantom Forces is one of the most enjoyable games available on Roblox. It requires proper strategies and accurate aims to beat it. As you play, however, getting the right shots at your enemies can be quite difficult. Many factors come into play when aiming.

One of these is the range of your weapon. A short-range weapon cannot be used on an enemy who is far off. This can result in missed shots or inaccurate targeting. Another factor that may interfere with your aim is recoil. If your weapon is experiencing recoil, you may need to recenter your shot every time you fire. This can lead to delays and result in your rivals taking you out.

Aimbot will assist you in achieving the perfect aim in the game. It will center your shots better and ensure they hit your target. The feature will also assist with long-distance shots, as it can easily identify enemies from far. This offers a great defensive strategy against potential attacks.

With this easy to configure script, you can defeat all your enemies and continue with the game with minimal effort. It will let you enjoy the game more and go on numerous quests without much worry.

Auto Kill

This feature will assist you in making kills, ensuring you take down as many enemies in the game as possible. Once you begin playing, you will encounter hundreds of fellow players trying to kill you.

Auto kill allows you to automatically kill a player by entering their name into the interface. They will die, and you will be credited with the points. You will thus easily increase your ranking in the game.

If the player has their name hidden, the damage multiplier feature will help you take them down easily and conveniently. With every hit, they will sustain huge damages, and it will thus take fewer hits until they are completely subdued. This feature allows you to remain highly ranked in the game and gather more points in a shorter time.

Infinite Jumps

One way to get around and launch better attacks is by performing jumps. They will also help you get away from your enemies when attacked. This feature will give your player the ability to perform infinite jumps.

You will jump higher and last longer in the air with the help of this mod menu. This will let you escape easily and will also allow you to catch up with fleeing enemies easily. Your player will also not experience any fatigue while making these jumps, and you are assured of a constant high movement pace.

All Weapons

This feature will give you access to all the weapons available in the game. You can choose any of them from the menu and equip your player accordingly. This will make you more effective, and you can battle your enemies better. It will ensure you emerge on top of every fight you engage in.

With the right weapons, you can get more points and improve your ranking in the game significantly.

Infinite Life

This feature will protect your player from dying in the game. Once configured, it will ensure your health bar is always full even when attacked.

You will not sustain any damages, allowing you to keep playing the game for longer and launching attacks without much worry. This feature will ensure you last longer in the game and get high points to see you ranking higher in the game. It will make the game more enjoyable.

Maximum Points

In this game, having high points will play a huge part in determining your ranking. Getting these points will, however, require playing the game for many hours and killing many enemies. However, this script will make it all easy by automatically loading more points into your account as you play the game.

It will farm for points for you in a short while, allowing you to accumulate many points in a shorter time. This will ensure your player is highly ranked and will let you enjoy the game conveniently.