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  • Game compatibility: Roblox
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile
  • File size: 78.2MB
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  • Status: Undetected ✓


  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Start “Vega X.exe” application file in the zip folder.
  3. Load your scripts and enjoy!

Vega X: The Best Roblox Executor for Your Game

Vega X is the ultimate Roblox executor that will give you the power and control to dominate the game. Whether you want to fly, walk through walls, or teleport to any location, Vega X has got you covered. With its advanced features, you can easily hack Roblox games and make them work according to your desires.

What is Vega X?

Vega X is a powerful Roblox executor that lets you run custom scripts and modify the game to your liking. It is designed to give you complete control over the game and its environment. With Vega X, you can use a wide range of cheats, including aimbot, speedhack, fly, and more.

Why Choose Vega X?

There are many reasons why Vega X is the best Roblox executor. First, it is very easy to use, even for beginners. It comes with a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand and use all of its features. Second, it’s very powerful and flexible, allowing you to create your own scripts or use pre-made ones.

Additionally, Vega X is updated regularly to ensure it works with the latest versions of Roblox. It also has excellent customer support, so if you have any issues, they will be resolved quickly.