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  • Status: Undetected
  • Platforms: PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
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Legendware Aimbot menu

About LegendWare

LegendWare contains some of the best functionalities and features that are bound to make you a better gamer. If you are struggling to raise your ranking in the game, this cheat will give you the boost you need to rise through the ranks and compete among professional gamers.

It is efficient for hvh cheat servers and will give you the advantage you need to beat these players. You will end all your matches with a good score, and it will give you bragging rights among other CSGO players. LegendWare is also easy to customize, making it simple to navigate through and activate features in the game you want to use.


Skin changer

This feature allows you to change the skins on all your weapons as you play the game. LegendWare mod menu will add all the skins on CSGO into your inventory, and you can switch between your preferred options conveniently. This will save you money as you no longer have to purchase them from the in-game store. You also have more options to choose between for the skins.


This feature protects you from ambushes and helps you spot other rival players through walls. In addition, it will bring up a highlight of the player as they hide and show the direction they are facing. You can approach and take them out of the game while remaining safe from getting attacked. This will ensure you last longer in the game and get more points.


This LegendWare cheat feature helps you control and monitor players who join the game. It will thus kick out bots from your gameplay, ensuring everyone playing is human and that you all have a fair chance in the game. You can also use the ragebot feature to send welcome notes to other players and invite them to join your games. It gives you the ultimate control over important aspects of the game.


You can now achieve higher accuracy in the game thanks to this feature. It allows you to spot targets from a long distance and fire at them with a surety of getting a hit. The feature will ensure you achieve higher points and that all your attacks are successful. It will come in handy as you play the game with professional players.


Triggerbot helps you take shots in the game easily. When your crosshair is aimed at a target, the hack will automatically fire and ensure accurate shots. You can thus take down more players and in a shorter time as you play. This will make the game entertaining, and you can achieve better results in your gameplay.

Can you get the latest updates?

The team is always looking for new ways to make LegendWare better and reliable for gamers. We aim to ensure you have the best experience as you use this cheat and that your gaming performance is elevated.

We will thus release updates with additional features for the software, and you can download them from our website. If you already have the LegendWare mod menu cheat on your PC, it will be updated automatically when you run it in the game. You can now sit back and have the best gaming experience.

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