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  • Status: Undetected
  • Platforms: PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • Downloads: 51,702
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OTC V3 CSGO cheat menu

About OneTap V3

If you enjoy playing hvh game modes on CSGO, OneTap V3 is the best tool to have for all your gaming needs. The hack is dynamic and can be used across all game modes, allowing you to always advantage over other gamers. You can thus sit back and get more points from the game, allowing you to improve your ranking and even play at a professional level.

When you join a hvh server on CSGO, OneTap V3 will still help you beat other hackers, making it reliable for every class of gamers. It has reliable features that have made it rank among the most preferred hacks by gamers.


Skin changer

This feature lets you alter the appearance of your weapons and other items in your inventory. In addition, OneTap gives you access to all the custom skins in the game, and you can change them before any match. This makes the game interesting and allows you to stand out from other players.


This feature lets you spot enemies as they hide behind walls and other obstacles. It will show you their distance, the direction they are facing, and their weapons through a highlighted box. You can thus choose your approach direction better and be sure of taking them out with every attack. This will make you a better gamer and will increase your points in the game.


Since CSGO is competitive, you should ensure all the shots you take in the game count towards bringing down your rivals. This feature on OneTap will help you achieve that and improve your game accuracy impressively. You can thus fire at long-distance targets and hit them without much trouble. It will also ensure you get more points as you play the game.


This feature makes the OneTap V3 reliable when you are added to a hvh server on CSGO. It will give you control over who can join the game and eliminate all bots and black-listed players.

This will ensure you stand a better chance of beating other players and that you can get the most exp points from the game. You can also kick out players in the middle of matches, giving other hackers a level playing field to emerge at the top of the game.

Quick Recovery

Quick recovery will come in handy as you play CSGO as it will ensure you don’t die early and get kicked out of the game. When a rival player fires at you, your health bar will refill faster, allowing you to stage a better defense and launch attacks. It will make the game entertaining and still guarantee you the highest skill levels as you play.

Can you get OneTap V3 updates?

The OneTap mod menu cheat on our website contains the updated version of the hack. When our team makes new additions to it, we will release the updated version to our website, and you can download it. Any downloaded version of OneTap V3 will update automatically, and you are sure to get the best performance whenever you use it.

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