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  • Status: Undetected
  • Platforms: PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • Downloads: 21,587
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Awesome trainer by Mod Menuz! It works for most games I have in my possession. Recommended for anyone who wants to cheat without getting banned.

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I've used this trainer for over 6 months now with no issues. The best part is, the trainer is completely free to download and works for consoles too.

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You can't go wrong with this trainer. Use one mod menu for every game you own, without needing to download trainers for each game. 10/10.


Mod Menu Features

Infinite health

Your health levels will be optimal at all times, even if you take serious damage from the mobs.

Infinite shield

You can keep protecting yourself, not worrying about managing your shield wisely. Activate this cheat, and your shield will always be available.

Instant grenades

You don’t have to wait a few moments for the grenades to work. Enable this cheat, and they will explode instantly!

Infinite jumps

This cheat will make it possible to jump endlessly. The standard game will restrict the number of jumps you can use, but with this cheat, you will be able to jump at all times, not worrying about how many jumps you have left.

Infinite Lives

This cheat is self-explanatory. Get infinite lives.

Infinite Rune Energy

Rune energy is used for numerous purposes, such as increasing ammo and improving certain items. This trainer will grant you an unlimited supply of rune energy.

One hit kills

You will be able to kill all enemies with a single shot.

Other cheats available in this trainer include unlimited ammo, disable reload for the grenades launcher and set sentinel barriers.

Why You Should Use A DOOM Eternal Trainer

  • You will make the gameplay more dynamic and less challenging.
  • You’ll be able to speed up or slow down the gameplay based on your style.
  • The game will become more exciting as you will be able to keep using your favorite weapons without worrying about running out of ammo.
  • You won’t have to worry about managing the jumps you can use as you will be able to use them infinitely.

How the mod menu trainer works

The trainer will modify game data to make it possible to use the cheats. But first, you must install it on your system. While doing so, your antivirus may detect it as malware, but it’s a safe program. Please whitelist it to keep using the cheats.

Please note this trainer is only available for Windows systems, starting from 7. Make sure the trainer version matches the game you currently have. If not, you must update it!

You must initiate the trainer to see the list of hotkeys assigned. Start the game, and press the hotkeys to activate the cheats.

Additional Information

DOOM Eternal is an action and first-person shooter video game published in 2020 by Bethesda Softworks, while it was developed by id Software. It works as a sequel to the 2016 game and is the fifth installment in the Doom series, and is available for most major video game consoles and PC.

This game puts you in the flesh of Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who’s now fighting against infernal enemies. The game will grant you access to numerous weapons, but you’ll have to defeat several mobs if you want to replenish your health and ammunition.

DOOM Eternal has more enemies, more weapons, and new features that will make the gameplay more dynamic and challenging. However, you don’t have to struggle while playing the game with the trainer we have available for you.