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Jenny character in Minecraft

What’s Jenny Mod?

One of the most popular mods for Minecraft is Jenny Mod. This mod adds a variety of features to the game, including new blocks, items, mobs, and dimensions. It also includes several modifications to the game’s mechanics, such as adding sprinting and new armor types. Jenny Mod is one of the most popular mods because it adds so many new things to the game and changes up the gameplay in significant ways.

There is a new mod for Minecraft that is gaining popularity quickly. The Jenny Mod allows players to add their own items, blocks, and mobs to the game. This mod is perfect for creative minds who want to add their own touches to the game. With the Jenny Mod, players can create anything they can imagine.

The Jenny Mod has been downloaded over two million times since it was first released in 2012.


The Jenny Mod makes several changes to the game to make it more appealing to girls. These changes include making the characters look more like girls, adding new objects and textures specifically for girls, and adding a new world that is pink and feminine. The mod also includes a number of challenges specifically for girls, such as building a cake or finding a hidden treasure.