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About Clash of Clans MOD APK

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  • Size: 18.42 MB
  • Root: Not Needed

Are you struggling to find a Clash of Clans MOD APK? Here we have it available for free. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular Android games at the moment, and it has been like that for several years. This MOD APK contains several features that you probably wouldn’t use in the regular game.


This APK will unlock several features that you cannot access via regular means in the game unless you pay.

Use all the commands available! Once you install this APK, you will have access to use a certain list of commands that will richen your experience with the game:

  • “/clean” – This command will reset your account while saving certain information, such as your score and your clan.
  • “/full” – You can use this command to see how all the buildings you currently have upgraded to the ultimate level based on your current town hall.
  • “/th <level>” – This command will help you upgrade your town hall to the level you want. All you need is to specify a level, and the command will do its magic.
  • “/asp” – Do you want to have your village attacked for whatever reason? You can do it now with this command.
  • “/cct” – You can use this command to erase the spells and troops present at the moment.
  • “/sethero <name> <level>” – This command will enhance a determined hero. Replace “name” with the hero you’d like to upgrade and “level” to specify the level you want it to achieve. For instance: “/sethero queen 32.”

Enjoy all the advanced features for free

Besides what’s mentioned above, this MOD APK has so much more to offer. Here you have a glance at a few features that you’ll enjoy upon installing it:

  • Infinite coins, gems, and elixir
  • Unlimited troops
  • Use all the new units and maximize them to their fullest to unlock all of their potentials
  • Build the army of your dreams as you’ll have unlimited resources

There are more surprises included in this Clash of Clash MOD APK. So what are you waiting to install? Try it out today!

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